Retaining Wall Contractor in Cincinnati & Dayton Areas

If you’ve noticed erosion in your yard, you need to deal with it right away. Erosion doesn’t just create bare spots in your lawn—it can even disrupt your home’s foundation.

To prevent erosion, you’ll need a retaining wall in Cincinnati. But you deserve a retaining wall that’s beautiful as well as functional. K&R Lawn and Landscaping has installed attractive, strong retaining walls for many Cincinnati homeowners.

After we complete your wall, it will do so much more than prevent erosion. It will also prevent excessive water runoff and provide level ground, making gardening and landscaping easier.

Sturdy Retaining WallsAfter

When you need a retaining wall that protects your home and yard for years to come, turn to the local landscaping experts at K&R Lawn and Landscaping. You get to choose exactly how you want your retaining wall to look, including its color, texture, and shape.

Once you’ve decided on a retaining wall design, our experts perform all the manual labor to build your wall. We carefully place each large block, some of which weigh hundreds of pounds. As we install your wall, we’ll be sure to work around your yard’s lighting or electrical connections.

Some homeowners make the mistake of attempting to install retaining walls on their own. Without experience, they often make critical mistakes. Ensure your retaining wall is properly built and structurally sound by turning to our landscaping experts.

Yard Protection From K&R Lawn and Landscaping

If you live near Cincinnati, Dayton or in the Northern Kentucky areas, K&R Lawn and Landscaping is your local landscaping professional. Along with building retaining walls, we provide many other landscaping services, including pruning, mulching, paving, snow removal, and weed control.

Since 2002, we’ve beautified many landscapes in your area. If you need a retaining wall in Cincinnati, Dayton or the Northern Kentucky areas, call us at 513-405-1263 for a free estimate, or fill out our online contact form.